Bareburger- the organic burger restaurant in Ridgefield

004For a fun dining experience, Bareburger is the place to visit. For a family, couple or friends this establishment is the perfect place to go for a fresh and organic burger. For the more adventurous eater, there are exotic burger choices available; such as bison, elk and wild boar. Regular beef burgers are all natural and there is an abundant of toppings to choose from; including fresh cheeses and different types of bacon. There is also an assortment of bun types to pick of the menu! After dining at this wonderful restaurant, I can truly say that both the service and food were amazing, making for a perfect meal. I can truly say my dinner was amazing, from the friendly service to the heavenly food. I began with a unique salad called Cali Fresh. This consisted of baby kale, hummus, red quinoa, tomatoes, watermelon radishes, alfalfa sprouts and a light and refreshing lemon tahini dressing. I chose the large size to share but two sizes are available. Another salad ordered was the Roman Hearts, which is a nice Caesar salad with romaine lettuce and manchego cheese. This was a great pick, the presentation of both salads were beautifully presented in large colorful metal bowls.


I ordered the black bean burger on a brioche bun with tomato fig jam and a side of sweet potato fries. This was quite good with a nice combination of flavors. Someone dining with me tried the Supreme burger, which was a beef burger with Colby cheese, country bacon, green leaf lettuce, onion rings, chopped fries, and special sauce on a brioche bun. I was told that not only was it scrumptious, but the burger melted in their mouth with each bite. The last entrée was a beef burger with Gouda cheese, pineapple relish and sweet pickles on a sprout bun. A portion of fresh made fires was chosen as a side dish.

005 There is a lovely bar serving micro brew beers and  wine but I picked a natural root beer soda. There are many fun flavors of soda to choose from such as mandarin orange, blueberry, ginger brew and many more. Also do not miss out on the fabulous milk shakes! You can mix your flavors. My party tried chocolate raspberry and banana peanut butter. The shakes are served in a metal tumbler with a glass on the side. I sampled the chocolate raspberry and have to say it was very delicious and decadent.

Interior dining room
Outside dining area on a warm summer evening
Outside dining area on a warm summer evening

The interior space is composed of lovely wood siding and brick walls which has a homey feel and flows beautifully in keeping with the natural and casual theme. The service is wonderful as well, with a staff eager to please. All the meats are free range pasture raised and hormone free. Come try the lovely Bareburger in Ridgefield, Connecticut for a healthier burger. I know that I will be returning soon and cannot wait to try a new and delightful meal.

Front of Bareburger
Front of Bareburger


38 Danbury Road Ridgefield Ct

Phone: 203-438-2273

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